The Avet is located in the marina of Port del Comte, in the Solsonès region, just at the foot of the ski resort of the same name, only 2 km from the foot of the slopes, at the end of the Port del Comte Urbanization.

We are 15 km from La Coma and La Pedra, but the town center is in the valley and we are in the mountains.

It is surrounded by nature, with pleasant views of the Cadí, and in the Port del Comte, although we are not isolated, but in a chalet area.

Due to its strategic and central location in Catalonia, from the Port del Comte we are very close to most of the Catalan territory; 2 hours by car from cities like Barcelona and Girona and much less than the rest.

To get there, you will not have to do queues, do not pass tunnels or tolls. From its origin, it is necessary to mark as destination Solsona (not Berga), and once there is a road, the LV-4241, which through Lladurs goes directly to the Port of the Count. In less than half an hour from Solsona, you will arrive at the hotel. Any other route, will necessarily imply to a longer journey.

GPS coordinates: N 42º10’32.61″ E 1º33’56.05″